MASK _ design by Chang I-Ting _ Taiwan

Sunglasses can be like an old-time fan, or a mask behind which you hide yourself or conceal your emotions.

MASK reinterprets the grace, fragility and aesthetics of yesterday’s fan through elegant sections, to open or close according to your mood.

ECO _ design by Lina Maria Castillo D. _ Colombia

The motto: sustainability.

How? By obtaining the whole pair of sunglasses out of one shield-shaped lens: sun lens and temples. Lens waste and scraps are minimal, savings are maximal.

ECOFUN _ design by Lina Maria Castillo D. _ Colombia

Why should lens scraps go to waste?
Why not play with these colourful, interchangeable pieces to vary styles and combine colours according to your mood?

ZEROZEROTHREE _ design by Andrea Bonini _ Italy

ZeroZeroThree uses the minimalist looks of a raw lens and alters it as less as possible. The frame is no longer the main element of the sunglasses, but becomes a mere functional object, veiled by the lens.
This universal support is simply connected to the lens by two discreet screws. The titanium heart of the “frame” is covered by a soft silicone grip.

APERTURE _ design by Chen Shih Kang _ Taiwan

Adapt your vision to your environment, like a camera lens does according to light. Close APERTURE when it’s bright, open it when it’s darker.

Control the sun, protect your eyes. See the world your own way.

ISEE _ design by Trupti Mehta _ India

ISEE is a fun eyewear that explores the possibilities of tinted lenses combinations.
It is inspired by the colour theory concept, a.k.a: two primary colours producing a third colour.
The main idea is to enhance the experience of the surrounding environment and adapt it to your mood or to your needs.

carl zeiss vision

Emmanuel Gallina Art direction

Istituto Marangoni